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Blessin' in disguise

John Adams once wrote, “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.”

And while that is surely the case, the type of challenges we are facing right now, seem to be extremely adept at concealing the opportunity that lies underneath.

I’m thinking about all of the children in our neighborhood that typically dress up on October 31st and walk around, knocking on doors, saying, “Trick or Treat!” Sometimes the costumes are so good that I don’t even recognize my next door neighbors kids until I hear their voice.

Which reminds me -- A few weeks ago, we talked about the story of Elijah and the gentle whisper of God spoken to him [1 Kings 19]. I wonder if we can still hear that gentle whisper and recognize the voice even when there is hardship and calamity happening all around us.

What opportunities are disguised in the problems we are facing?

One of the opportunities we uncovered was partnering with Coulwood STEM to provide a safe learning environment for the students in our community. Another opportunity that seems to be presenting itself is a Sunday Meal & Visit ministry we are gearing up to launch as we recruit necessary volunteers. We are also planning a socially distant drive-thru Halloween costume event and a pack-your-own-potluck lunch after church one Sunday. And the staff has also been dreaming dreams and listening to the Spirit of God as we think about how we, as a church body, will continue to move forward during these unprecedented times.

Perhaps, in your own personal life, you too, have uncovered some opportunities in disguise. One thing that we know for sure is that Jesus does not run away from problems. The cross teaches us that Jesus walks towards problems and listens to the whisper of God the Father as he walks.

My hope is that we will continue to remain curious of how we can best be the church during this time. My hope is that we will realize when we look back and tell stories about this season of ministry, that we see how God was preparing us, even now, for the work that is ahead of us.

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