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The "Ber" Months

The “Ber” months are upon us. Soon there will be a change in the air. Soon our swim trunks, tank tops, and flip flops will find their way into our closets to hibernate and our pants, jackets, and scarves will emerge. Who knows? Perhaps we will even find a $20 spot hidden deep inside of one of those coat pockets.

And while our seasons begin to change in the beautiful state of North Carolina, we also realize that seasons change within the church. There are so many agricultural analogies written throughout the pages of the Bible. They remind us that there are good times to plant, good times to rest, good times to prune, and good times to harvest. Before the industrial revolution, farmers never asked each other what time it was. They did not wear watches and weekends did not exist. Rather, they were carefully attuned to what was happening around them.

And perhaps the Church can tap into something here. Is there a way for us to be more in tune with what is happening not just in the lives of the people that call Christ UMC home, which is a priority, but also in the lives of those who surround our church and make up our community?

What is the greatest heartfelt need of children/youth in our community during this time? What is the greatest heartfelt need of parents? Single and single-again folks? Elderly folks?

Perhaps you have heard the axiom that, “Life is all about relationships.” There’s no doubt that this is true, and yet, we’re living through a season when relationships are difficult to cultivate, nurture, and maintain. AND I feel certain that the churches that will be most poised to have a strong impact after this pandemic will be those who continue to find ways to elevate the importance of relationships in the midst of this time.

Camille and I were married on my grandfather’s birthday, September 22, which also happens to be the first day of fall. We got married in the chaotic and uncertain times directly after September 11th, 2001. I have often thought about how beautiful that day was in spite of the cultural fears that engulfed our nation. And as we prepare to celebrate 19 years, I’m reminded that beauty often springs forth in the most unlikely of places, in the most unusual of ways. May the same be said of Christ UMC forty years from now, when we celebrate 100 years of faithful ministry in the Northwest Corridor of Charlotte, NC.

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