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Wrapped Boxes

Stewarding well, what has been entrusted to us, makes all the difference in life. How we steward our relationships, our talents, our time and our finances matters. Perhaps that's why Jesus taught about these things so often.

At Christ UMC, the primary reason we ask people to give to the mission of the local church is because it gives us all an opportunity to contribute to God's unfolding work in the world. 

1. in person

At the beginning of every week we have an opportunity to worship God collectively, through prayer, song, scripture reading and giving back to God a portion of what we've received. As with all of worship, we encourage people to give cheerfully and faithfully.

2. autodraft

Most banks offer a service to make recurring contributions easier. If you would like to "set it and forget it," talk to your bank about how to set up automatic draft to Christ UMC.

3. online

We realize the convenience of being able to give online either as a one-time or a recurring gift. If you would like to give online, simply click the link below.

3 easy ways to contribute
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