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At Christ, we believe life is all about relationships. It's in the laboratory of real life relationships that we gain the opportunity to learn, grow, serve, and to practice love and forgiveness. Because we put a premium on relationships, we have multiple connecting points where community happens. So, if you're looking for a place to belong, check out one of the groups below and email the group host.   

with Rev. Donnie

If you like fun people who wake up early on Saturday morning (8am) to pray together, study and enjoy a Chick-fil-a breakfast, then this is your group. Rev. Donnie Mitchem leads this group every Saturday morning at the Chick-fil-a restaurant in Riverbend.

Donnie Mitchem



This new small group is beginning to take shape. It meets at 10am on Sunday mornings in Jesse's office and is comprised of 30-40 year old folks who are interested in asking more questions than having all the answers. They also enjoy a love of coffee!

Jesse Smith



These talented people have a love for Jesus and musical worship. They meet every Tuesday night at 7pm to pray, share life and practice leading worship on Sunday morning. If you have a love for these things, reach out and let us know. 

Daniel Mallard



If you do not see a group that you would easily fit into, perhaps that's a sign that you could help lead a group. If you have an interest in doing that but need a little direction and guidance, please contact us so we can help you get started.

Carolyn Harte

Have More Questions?

If you have questions about what to expect or if you would like more information

about which Sunday School Class or Small Group is right for you, 

simply email us using the link below.